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Quick summary

Type of medicine

Topical Antifungal Cream



Active Ingredient

Clotrimazole (2% w/w)

Effective within

Varies; follow doctor's instructions

Works by

Relieving irritation of the vulva caused by vaginal thrush (candidiasis)

Side effects

Itching, rash, burning, discomfort, swelling, redness, irritation

Medication details


Canesten Thrush 2% Cream is a topical antifungal medication used to treat thrush and other yeast infections. The active ingredient in Canesten Thrush 2% Cream is clotrimazole, a commonly used antifungal agent. The cream form of the medication allows for localized treatment directly at the site of infection, providing fast and effective relief from symptoms such as itching, burning, and discomfort. Canesten Thrush 2% Cream is easy to apply and can be used in conjunction with other treatments or medications. It is important to follow the instructions of a healthcare professional when using Canesten Thrush 2% Cream.



Using Canesten Thrush External Cream is simple and effective. For external irritation relief, gently apply a thin layer of the cream around the entrance of the vagina 2 to 3 times a day. Make sure to smooth it in gently for optimal results. If prescribed by your doctor, follow their specific instructions. It's important to note that this cream is for external use only and should not be ingested.


The main active ingredient in Canesten Thrush External Cream is clotrimazole, which belongs to a group of medicines known as azoles. In addition to clotrimazole, the cream contains other ingredients such as benzyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, sorbitan stearate, cetyl palmitate, cetostearyl alcohol, octyldodecanol, and purified water. It's crucial to be aware of these components, especially if you have any known allergies.

Side Effects

Like any medication, Canesten Thrush External Cream can have potential side effects, although they may not affect everyone. If you experience any allergic reactions, such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing, or other unusual symptoms, discontinue use and seek medical attention immediately. Common side effects after application may include itching, rash, blisters, burning, discomfort, swelling, redness, irritation, pins and needles, or skin peeling. If any of these effects become concerning, consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Before using Canesten Thrush External Cream, it's important to consider some precautions. Do not use this cream if you are allergic to clotrimazole or any of the other ingredients. If you are unsure whether you have thrush or if this is your first time experiencing these symptoms, consult your doctor. Additionally, if you have a history of certain conditions, such as irregular vaginal bleeding, ulcers, or lower abdominal pain, this product may not be suitable for you. Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should consult their healthcare provider before use.

Medically reviewed and published

  • This page was medically reviewed by Dr Sohaib Imtiaz, Clinical Lead on Aug 24, 2023, 3:30 pm

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Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Can I use Canesten Thrush External Cream for internal vaginal thrush symptoms?

No, Canesten Thrush External Cream is specifically designed for external use to relieve vulva irritation caused by vaginal thrush. It does not treat the internal vaginal infection itself. If you have internal symptoms, consult your doctor for appropriate treatment options.

How long should I continue using Canesten Thrush External Cream for external symptoms?

You should continue using the cream as directed by your healthcare provider or according to the product instructions. Generally, treatment should be continued until external symptoms such as itching and soreness subside. If your symptoms persist or worsen, consult your doctor.

Can my partner use Canesten Thrush External Cream if they don't have symptoms?

Yes, in certain cases, your partner may benefit from using the cream to prevent re-infection, even if they do not have symptoms. Consult a healthcare professional for guidance on whether your partner should use the cream as a preventive measure.

Can I use Canesten Thrush External Cream alongside other medications?

It's important to consult your doctor or pharmacist before using Canesten Thrush External Cream alongside other medications. They can provide guidance on potential interactions and ensure your safety and the effectiveness of the treatments.

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